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    Web Development

    You need a website that tells your story

    When was the last time you made a big decision without doing a Google search first? It's critical that you have an online presence and that you're sending the right message. Make sure that your website is working for you and not against you.


    Once your online, it's time to get noticed

    It's not easy getting to the front page on Google. It takes work!


    Let us handle the details and make sure people know how to find you.

    PPC Campaigns

    Find your prospects where they spend all their time

    Not getting the results you wanted from your Facebook and Google ads?


    Creating an ad and getting prospects to click is just step one. We can help you put together a campaign that draws more clicks and has higher conversion rates. It's all about the data baby!

    Social Growth

    Let's make your brand stand out

    Having a following on social media is a must now days, but here's the truth - getting noticed is hard work. We can help you consistently grow your accounts by 200-1000 new followers per month!

    Done For You Content

    Content is king

    Whether you need to outsource all of your content needs or you just want to augment your current strategy, we have simple plans that will help you keep your content calendar full.

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Standard Terms & Conditions

1.	The Agreement

1.1.	An agreement is formed when you acquire a service from Blue Hare Marketing. The service may be acquired over the phone, or by completing an online ordering process. You warrant that you are over 18 years of age and legally entitled to enter into the agreement.
1.2.	The agreement will be made up of:
(a)	The service description;
(b)	The plan brochure or other document provided to you relating to the service; and
(c)	These Standard Terms and Conditions.
1.3.	If there is inconsistency between any part of the agreement, the inconsistency will be resolved according to the following order of priority:
(a)	The service description;
(b)	The plan brochure or other document;
(c)	these Standard Terms and Conditions.

2.	Period of the Agreement

2.1.	The agreement commences when you are accepted by us as a customer.
2.2.	For contracts other than fixed period contracts, the agreement will continue until it is terminated by either party on 30 days notice or otherwise in accordance with the agreement.
2.3.	For fixed period contracts, the agreement will continue:
(a)	for the minimum contract period referred to in the service description or plan brochure; or
(b)	until it is terminated in accordance with clause 7.
2.4.	If neither you nor we cancel the agreement at the end of the fixed period contract, we will continue to supply the service to you on a month-to-month basis.
2.5.	If we will not continue to provide the service to you at the end of the fixed-period contract or if we wish to change the terms of the agreement, including charges, we will inform you of this at least 30 days before the end of the fixed period contract.

3.	Changes to the Agreement

3.1.	We may change the agreement in the following circumstances:
(a)	Where you agree to the change;
(b)	Where the change will not adversely affect you and, before the changes take effect, we have given you notice of the change;
(c)	Where the change is to introduce or vary a fee or charge to pass on a tax or levy imposed by law and, before the changes take effect, we have given you notice of the change;
(d)	Where the change is to introduce or to vary a charge associated with a content or premium service where we rely on a third party for the service and the third party increases its price to us and, before the changes take effect, we have given you reasonable notice of the change;
(e)	If the agreement is a fixed period contract and the change is adverse to you, and we provide to you not less than 21 days notice of the change.
3.2.	We may withdraw any plans/packages at any time by giving you notice but such withdrawals will only take effect from the end of your then current fixed-period contract.
3.3.	Notice of a change to the agreement may be given by us:
(a)	by email to your nominated account email address,
(b)	with or as part of a bill, or
(c)	otherwise in writing, including by fax or mail.
3.4.	Changes to these standard terms or a service description will be made available online and you are encouraged to check our website regularly.

4.	Minimum Contract Period

4.1. The minimum contract period is the minimum fixed period during which you must acquire the service. The minimum contract period may be specified in the service description. The minimum contract period commences when the first recurring payment is made.
4.2. If, during the minimum contract period, you cancel the service or we cancel the service because of your default, you will be liable to pay any remaining balance still left on the contract.
4.3. Once the Minimum Contract Period is over, your service will continue to renew automatically, and you will continue to be charged for the service, until such time as you or we cancel the service by giving 30 days notice.

5.	Guarantees

5.1 As a marketing service, no guarantees can be made on the number of leads/new followers generated by the marketing campaigns run by Blue Hare Marketing.

6.	Billing and Account Payment

6.1. The plan brochure or service description may provide that bills will not be issued. If that is so, charges will be incurred notwithstanding that no bill has been issued.
6.2. Where we have agreed to issue bills, we will send to you by email notification a reminder that your recurring payment is approaching. All outstanding amounts must be paid by the due date as shown on your email invoice.
6.3.Where in our opinion you have a reasonable claim or dispute with an invoice or a debit, we will suspend our collection or recovery processes until a determination on your claim or dispute has been made. We will reimburse any incorrectly debited amount as soon as reasonably practicable.
6.4.	All administration, campaign, registration and set-up fees are non-refundable except as deemed appropriate by Blue Hare Marketing.
6.5.	If you require us to send to you a printed copy of an invoice, this may be subject to an administration fee of $10.00 per request.
6.6.	You are responsible for ensuring there is sufficient funds/credit available in your nominated credit card or direct debit account at any time we debit the account. You must pay dishonor fees and any other charges, expenses or losses resulting from our attempting unsuccessfully to debit the credit card or direct debit account unless the failure was due to a clear error on our part.
6.7.	You are required to inform us if your credit card is due to expire at least two weeks prior to the expiry date and are required to provide us with details of a current credit card. 
6.8. Blue Hare Marketing will not accept Prepaid Visa/Master credit cards or gift cards.
6.9. If you have failed to pay to Blue Hare Marketing an amount which is due, we may following appropriate notice to you refer the debt to a third party collections agent for the purpose of collection activity. You must pay all costs, charges and expenses that we may incur in relation to our attempts to recover all debts due by you to us, including accounting, mercantile agents costs and interest.

7.	Suspension of the Service 

7.1.	If your fixed period contract has expired or you are on a month-to-month contract, you or we may terminate the service and cancel the agreement at any time by giving 30 days notice.
7.2.	If you fail to comply with what we consider to be an important term or condition of this agreement or should you fail to comply with a number of less important terms and conditions then we can suspend your service. We will generally provide you with notice of your failure and allow you a reasonable time to remedy it. However we may suspend your service without notice to you where:
(a)	there has been, in our opinion, unusual activity such as:
(i)	resources owned by Blue Hare Marketing being used outside the campaigns and service we provide without our permission
(b)	you have not paid charges when due and have not remedied that failure within what we consider to be a reasonable time;
(c)	you verbally abuse, attempt, threaten or cause harm to any staff.
7.3.	Where we terminate your service prior to the expiration of the minimum term of your plan you will be liable for any outstanding fees and charges, including the remaining balance for months not yet billed in the fixed period contract.
7.4.	We are not liable to you or any person(s) claiming through you for any loss or damage arising from suspension or disconnection of your service in accordance with this clause.